CSL Group

About CSL

The forwarding company, established 24 years ago, was focused from the very beginning on comprehensive cargo handling in import, export and transit delivered by sea, land, rail and air.

Comprehensiveness is also a combination of various types of transport with customs agencies and warehousing services.

The company focuses on highly specialised services and provides them with great care in order to achieve benefits not only for itself but also for the customer, taking care of the delivery time, costs and the safety of goods and interests.

The company’s greatest asset is its well-educated team of people certified, for example, by FIAT.

The company has AEO, IFS and ISO 90001 certifications.

CSL is a member of several associations; the largest are PISiL – Polish Chamber of Forwarding and Logistics (Polska Izba Spedycji i Logistyki), New Silk Road Network, PIG – Northern Chamber of Commerce (Północna Izba Gospodarcza), Polish – Asian Chamber of Commerce, Business Club Szczecin.

Company mission

“Creating a new reality in logistics and giving customers a competitive advantage”

Company vision

By 2033, the CSL Group wants to become a world leader in logistics innovations and offer comprehensive solutions, in a flexible and safe manner, with the participation of constantly developing collaborators.

Quality, innovation, and responsibility. CSL takes on new challenges and prepares for them in a targeted and planned manner. The experience, skills and knowledge gained allow us to constantly improve and open up to new ones. Thanks to this, we are able to face even the most demanding customers, and we flexibly adjust our solutions for them. CSL focuses on quality, safety and relationship with the customers, partners and subcontractors.

Company values


– This is what we give to ourselves and others
– We set the goals of the organisation above our own or an individual department
– We celebrate our and our partners’ successes


– This is how we build our foundations
– We build trust through safe operations
– We focus on credibility in consulting and support
– We are looking for the best solutions in accordance with the law and regulations
– We are a stable company for employees and customers
– We trust each other, and we know that the other person has good intentions

Open mind

– This is how we communicate inside and outside the company
– We are open to diversity and other points of view
– We are open to new ideas and dare to step out of our comfort zone
– We act and communicate only for the benefit of the entire team
– We create partner relationships based on trust and acceptance
– We are flexible, and we approach everyone individually
– We love what we do!

Wide perspectives

– This is how we take action
– We focus on new challenges
– We are persistent in finding the best solutions
– We combine non-obvious things: business, culture, development and relationships
– We are pioneers in creating our own reality


– This is how we work together
– Everyone is important; everyone is the leader of their own position
– Everyone is responsible for creating a good atmosphere
– We are looking for solutions together, leaving no one in need of help
– We just feel good together!

CSL Group

CSL Group

CSL is not only a forwarding company but the entire group, which includes CSL, CKE Old Slaughterhouse (Centrum Kultury Euroregionu Stara Rzeźnia), My Łasztownia Foundation (Fundacja Moja Łasztownia), Literary Forecastle Shop (Kubryk Literacki), CCIC Intermodal Depo Dunikowo, CSL Inspire.



CKE Old Slaughterhouse (Stara Rzeźnia)

In 2012 the CSL company, together with its head Laura Hołowacz, purchased the historical building of the Old Slaughterhouse in Szczecin’s Łasztownia district. It was thoroughly restored, and now the company’s headquarters are located there.

Along with the decision to purchase this beautiful building, it was also decided to establish a special branch of the company – the Culture Centre of the Old Slaughterhouse Euroregion (Centrum Kultury Euroregionu Stara Rzeźnia).

CKE has been operating since December 2014. The main idea is to promote and disseminate initiatives and projects related to culture, art and artistic creation, education and business. As the saying goes, CKE Old Slaughterhouse is a place where business meets culture.

We also want to promote the port and maritime traditions of Szczecin. We have approximately 540 m2 at our disposal.

We organise film screenings, workshops for children and adults, educational classes for young people, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, training sessions, conferences, meetings with authors, business meetings, theatre performances, etc.

In 2021, due to the pandemic and related restrictions and regulations, almost all events were cancelled.

Therefore, we purchased online transmission equipment, which allowed CKE Old Slaughterhouse to organise events not only in a traditional way but also using the most modern transmission channels such as Facebook and YouTube.

The company has also purchased the Evenea Premium pack, which enables the organisation of dedicated and professional webinars, conferences and training.It is a tool that has built-in mechanisms for automating on-line marketing.

Thanks to the above-mentioned investments, CKE Old Slaughterhouse has become one of the leaders in the West Pomeranian market, which enables the realisation of events in a broad hybrid sense (traditional and/or on-line).

We react quickly to market situations (pandemics), which allows us to be always ahead of the competition.

At the end of 2021 and at the beginning of 2022, professional LightArt lamps were purchased to provide the highest quality lighting to the exhibition space in the Old Slaughterhouse building. By the end of the year, an additional 10-15 lamps are planned to be purchased so that each space with paintings is properly illuminated.

This investment placed the Old Slaughterhouse as a leader among the galleries.

Moja Łasztownia Foundation

In February 2012, CSL Sp. z o.o. purchased a historic 19th-century building located in Łasztownia, which is part of the former municipal meat processing plant complex. The news that in the future, the Old Slaughterhouse was to become not only the headquarters of the shipping company, which was beginning its fifteenth year of operation at the time, but also a social, cultural and business centre open to the public, met with widespread interest and approval. It turned out that this project perfectly matched the expectations of the city authorities and, above all, many residents of Szczecin, as proven by numerous declarations of support and future cooperation, as well as excellent attendance at meetings organised in Łasztownia by CSL. It was with these expectations in mind that the My Łasztownia internet portal was created in the summer of 2012. Laura Hołowacz, president of the CSL, wrote about the aim of setting up the portal: “We want more and more people in Szczecin to talk about Łasztownia as «My Łasztownia»”. We want to spread the interesting history of the island surrounded by the Western Odra, the Danube, the Mieleński Canal, the Parnica and the Green Canal. We intend to present people, companies and institutions that make Łasztownia once again a vibrant, economically important and culturally active component part of the great Szczecin”. We are pleased that the My Łasztownia portal has recently received significant support in the form of Facebook and YouTube websites. In addition to the publications posted on our portal, a large group of users of both websites gained the opportunity to follow various other current events and learn about the films popularizing the Old Slaughterhouse as well as works dedicated to friends and supporters of My Łasztownia.

The result of this portal was the creation of the “My Łasztownia” foundation with the main goal to organise charity and social initiatives in the building and in the vicinity of the Old Slaughterhouse. Marek Halowicz has been the president of the “My Łasztownia” Foundation from 2021 until today.

Literary Forecastle

In Literary Forecastle (Kubryk Literacki), located in the lower part of the Old Slaughterhouse building, we promote Szczecin brands – publishing houses, publications and souvenirs created by local artists.

Literary Forecastle is a bookstore and a shop in one. Here you can buy the most desired Szczecin titles and perfect gifts for your loved ones. Apart from books we also offer mugs, postcards, bags, T-shirts, cushions and much, much more. Most of the patterns have a Szczecin printed design – which means that if you are looking for products with a local touch – you will surely find something to suit your taste. Our Forecastle is located in the cosiest place in Łasztownia, i.e. in the Old Slaughterhouse building. You are also welcome to buy tickets for events organised in the building.

CCIC Intermodal Depo Dunikowo

CCIC Intermodal Depo Dunikowo is a project of the first dry intermodal terminal in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The creation of the terminal will allow creating an alternative possibility for the transport of intermodal cargoes to the reloading and logistics network developing in Western Pomerania, connecting, e.g. Poland with Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The project is primarily of major interest to numerous e-commerce companies, which are increasingly choosing to locate their businesses in Western Pomerania. The main supply chains will be containers from the largest European ports. From there, the containers will go to Dunikowo, and then they can be stored in warehouses located in a special economic zone.

The net value of the terminal is PLN 80.5 million. The company received an EU subsidy of PLN 35.5 million. The contract with CUTP was signed on February 14, 2020.

CSL Inspire

In 2018 CSL opened another subsidiary, CSL Inspire, an IT company that specialises in IT solutions for logistics and other business areas.

These are dedicated solutions.

CSL Inspire is a company that brings together different generations and combines their experiences. It is amazing how we can inspire each other to make small or big changes in business and private life. The great diversity of personalities, interests and views is undoubtedly an advantage of working together. When we say “experience”, we mean VALUE, the greatest of all, enabling us to combine creative ideas with modern information technology. Our 20 years of experience turns out to be useful in many sectors of the economy, especially in logistics and warehousing, offering our clients tools for the development of their companies, which are modern and open to innovation.